Popular Crowd


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It’s been many years since I uttered the phrase “popular crowd” on a daily basis. You know, I said things like, “she thinks she’s so popular.” “Why do all the popular kids…” “What does it take to become popular?!”

I’ve got to tell you something. In all the years since I left the halls of school I have yet to meet someone who said they were popular. Even when I read articles about authors they all say they weren’t in the popular crowd. (Okay, no offense my fellow writers, but if author, actor or director is your full time gig chances are you weren’t popular in high school. But that’s not my point.)

Where are all the popular kids now that we’ve been out of school more years than we want to admit? Was everyone running around thinking the other cliques were the popular ones? Or was there a group who got together on Friday nights and said, “we are the popular kids and we rule!”

A few years back my friends harassed me into joining Facebook. I finally agreed and kids from high school slid through the cracks in the wood asking to be my friend. Even one girl who never said one word to me in all the years of middle school and high school asked to be my friend. I was a little confused, but hey, no need to hold a grudge. She sent me a message saying, “I can’t believe how many people we went to high school with who never said a word to you now want to be friends on Facebook!” Am I missing something here? Did she think I was one of those people or did she mean she can’t believe anyone would still want to talk to me? Or didn’t she know she was considered one of the popular crowd and ignored those of us sailing in steerage.

Not long after the friend request from Miss Popularity, I got an invitaion via Facebook for an old classmate’s birthday party. I assumed she asked everyone she was friends with on the site. When I mentioned it to another friend she said she wasn’t invited. Confused again. Immediately I called my BFF from high school who still does me the honor of staying my friend and said, “Was I popular in high school and no one told me?!”

So I ask you, were you in the popular crowd? I hope so. I’m dying to meet you.


3 thoughts on “Popular Crowd

  1. OK, I feel the need to reply to this. What makes you think you weren’t popular in school? You had more than your share of friends. Someone is popular, not because everybody likes them, its because more people know who they are and that they exist. Especially in High School, if you are involved in something that puts you in the limelight, other kids look up to you.

    In case you’ve forgotten, you were a majorette, you were more well known than you thought you were. At any rate, in my opinion, the only place one needs to be popular is within their family. And that my daughter you have in abundance.

  2. Wow, Stacey, you’ve forced a light-up of a part of the brain that probably isn’t in use any more, lol.

    I doubt I was ever ‘popular’. I was blessed, however, with a good core group of friends, some of who(m) are among my closest buds to this day. I wasn’t in band, but I was friendly with many of that crowd. I wrote a few pieces for a literary journal one of the guys started so a few more folks got to know I existed. No one asked me to the winter formal or the prom, nor was I ever considered for homecoming queen.

    Does it matter now? Nah. I’m still blessed with wonderful friends and way more confidence and peace than being ‘popular’ ever would have allowed.

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