Sunday Afternoon in the Park

  My family and I went for a bike ride. It was a beautiful day, sun shining, birds singing. But if you think you’re getting any exercise when your children are with you, forget it. Enjoy the birds because the calories aren’t coming off.
   I’ll admit, I have a weird quirk. Well, more than one, but on this day it’s the nothing can touch my neck quirk. I don’t wear turtlenecks or pull over hoodie sweatshirts. Imagine my dilemma when the helmet strap rests against the top of my neck. That’s the proper and safe spot for the strap and I’m trying desperately not to rip the helmet from my head. Bad example for the children. I fear being choked because I’ve been choked somewhere in my life by a deranged human who thinks they have the right to put their hands around your neck. Not! It’s just my weird quirk.
  I live in a hilly area which requires the use of your quadriceps to peddle and it helps to have a bicycle that changes gears. My daughter doesn’t have such a bike, so, half way up the first hill she has to get off and walk it up. As do I, so she isn’t left behind. When we catch up to my husband, he’s standing at the park entrance checking emails. Gotta love technology.
  This isn’t a park for the whimpy rider or runner. No smooth paths made of asphalt here. You’re riding on grass the whole time. I yell over my shoulder to my daughter, pump your legs, pump, pump. Which is met with, “Can I walk it to the top of the hill?” And what am I going to say to that? I’m hardly Joan Crawford. For those of you who don’t know who she is, look her up.
  We ride for a short distance and then, wait for it, her front tire goes flat. We have to walk all the way back to the park entrance. My husband rides home to get the truck and my daughter and I wait on the corner like vagabonds.
He loads her bike into the back and I ride home alone, up and down the hills, the wind at my back, and free from my helmet strap. Not nearly as much fun as walking the bikes  in the park. I can’t wait for our next family bike ride.

One thought on “Sunday Afternoon in the Park

  1. Sounds like you did enough walking to make up for the biking interruption. Yesterday WAS a perfect outdoor day. Glad you got uot and enjoyed it!

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