Take Your Medicine

I never liked the term “tween years.” I know that kids are between the little kid ages and the teen years and the parents are between a rock and hard place, but the word seems so corny to me. As if corny is a much better word, but you get my drift. Really there is a perfectly good word to describe the tween years and that’s called puberty.

But I have a bigger issue on my hands. When your child is a tween they are also in between taking children’s Advil and adult Advil.


Maybe it’s a boy/girl thing, I don’t know, but when my son made his first attempt at swallowing adult Advil, it took a few tries, some hiding it in apple sauce, but eventually he managed and viola we’ve moved to the next stage in life.

My daughter was a little different. Of course, she announces at 10:15 pm that she has a doozy of a headache. Now, I’m an expert at headaches and know that if her head hurt that badly it was hurting enough at a decent hour that she could have told us and maybe we could have run out to get the chewable Advil tablets. But no, that would be too easy and no, I wasn’t running to the CVS to get chewables when there is a perfectly full bottle of regular Advil in the cabinet.

She didn’t like this idea of swallowing the tiny, orange pill and began to cry. Real tears. Actually, I couldn’t believe it myself and had to bite my cheek not to laugh. I mean, really?

Had she begun crying at say, 8:15 pm instead of 10:15pm, Husband and my reactions may have been, it’s okay you can do it. Instead we were more like, stop the crying and swallow the pill. And of course, “you can do it.”

She spit the first pill out. She tried again. After about a gallon of water, okay, not quite a gallon but a camel would have been satisfied, her eyes bulged from her head and voila, the task was complete. It was almost midnight. Just kidding. It really was only fifteen minutes later, but it felt like midnight. I’m not sure who was more surprised that she got the thing down, her or us. Hugs were given all around and she went back to bed.

What monumental obstacle is next in the tween years? It will probably be different for the boy and the girl. I hope I’m ready when it happens. At least I’ll be able to swallow the Advil.


3 thoughts on “Take Your Medicine

  1. Swallowing the tablets was never an issue. My problem was the younger kid, who fought tooth and nail to take liquid pain relievers when he was too young to swallow a pill. (He didn’t do chewables either.) Once found myself on a mommy chat at 1 AM, frustrated beyond belief. Someone suggested an oral syringe, which, at that moment, I’d been too frazzled and fried to remember I had. (Still had to fight with the kid and he spit half of it out.)

    We wound up in the ER another time, for the same reason, but the kid had spiked a temp of 106 (or more). Even taking him there didn’t scare him. Don’t remember how we got the medicine in him, probably had to hold him down.

    Thank God medicinal amounts are determined by weight and not age. (He made it to 200 mg swallow-pill fast ;)).

    Good luck.

    1. I remember that shoe thing too! And my son’s feet are still growing!!! I feel like I buy shoes every three months. But, I’ll tell you what I’m starting to see as an issue. My daughter is starting to grow out of “girls” sizes in clothes. She’s still a little small for juniors and ladies, but I don’t want my 11 year-old wearing those clothes yet. At 11, she doesn’t need to look like she’s trying to be 25.

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