Do You Give It All Away?

I read a blog by a mother of five, (God love her!) Moat Blog. She recently posted about the sacrifices mothers make for their children. You can check it out here if you’d like.

Well, last night Daughter woke up with the stomach bug. Can you say, “Yuk!”? At 11 she still wants her mom (actually, when I’ve had the stomach bug I want my mom too) so I sat ring side for two and a half hours.

I sacrificed my sleep because after she finally fell into the exhaustion dragging her down, I cleaned the bathroom, running up and down the steps to get what I need and throw the garbage out. When I heard footsteps at 3 am I jumped from my rest on the couch fearful it was her, but it was Husband. No bug for him, thank God.

I sacrificed my yoga practice this morning getting in only twenty minutes instead of the forty-five I wanted. And I sacrificed a shower. I threw on my bathing suit so it looks like I’m meaning to go into the pool and hopefully no one will notice I’m not shower fresh.

What else do we give up as mothers? I am always giving away my food and I don’t really like to share my food. I’ve been known to hide my healthy brownies and display the giant chocolate chip, not healthy, cookies instead. Just ask my family, they’ll tell you.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve given up my youth. I don’t know where my thirties went and I have more worry lines than a road map. Not to mention the gray hair also brought on by worry. I hear the worry doesn’t stop when the kids are grown. I’ll be lucky to have any hair or unmarked skin at all.

I sacrifice my things as well. I’ve given over more hair ties, t-shirts, wallets, plastic containers, and socks than I can count. Daughter has been trying to edge her way into my shoe collection, but she can dream on. I do have some boundaries.

But here’s the strange thing. Last night, I had all the energy I needed at the wee hours of the morning to take care of her. I haven’t been that wide awake in years. And when she told me she was glad I was there with her, suddenly every sacrifice had been worth it. I hadn’t lost anything at all.


5 thoughts on “Do You Give It All Away?

  1. Oh Stacey how this post hit a cord with me! Motherhood is such a strange animal….and in the mix of all the madness is the realization that we do give it all away. And it’s not just the “physical stuff” that we relinquish – it is the emotional: we give our heart, our soul, our advice, our time, our worry, our joy………and, at the end of the day, would I ever trade it? Not on your life, because by giving we are really getting 🙂

    1. That’s exactly how I feel, Gina. What we get back, though often it is only for a moment, is worth every physical and emotional thing we give way. I’m so corny, I get joy watching my 13 year old son speak like a grownup on the phone!

  2. Hi there. Read your post and really liked it. Wrote quite a long, related response but it wouldn’t post. Happened to me at another WP post too. Wonder what’s going on?

    I so related to what you had to say, Stacey. Being a mom is not for the weak of anything, lol. Joanna Aislinn Dream. Believe. Strive. Achieve! NO MATTER WHY (coming soon–again!) NO MATTER WHAT (coming soon!)


    1. I’m sorry you’re original post didn’t make it. I always enjoy reading your responses and I’m so grateful for your involvement with the blog!

      But you’re right, being a mom is definitely not for the weak!

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