School Supplies

Today I sent two kids off to middle school. Hard to believe they are old enough to be in middle school and harder to believe I am old enough to have middle school kids because, didn’t I just graduate from high school?! Um, no.

Here’s something else I have a hard time believing: that I have to buy school supplies. I’ve been doing it for years now, but I’m shocked every time the cashier tells me the total. And yes, I shop the sales, Wal-Mart, Target, you name it. I’m starting to think I’ll have to sell my kids to afford the school supplies and then I won’t need any because I won’t have my kids!

Are you ready for something even crazier? I love buying notebooks. I have to control myself not to grab one in every color, shape and size. It’s like the call out to me, Stacey, buy me, buy me. photo (13)There is something magical about a new notebook. All the pages untouched, just waiting for the words to be scrawled on them. A new notebook symbolizes the possibilities of stories to be told. So, when it’s time to buy school supplies I secretly jump for joy.

I actually wrote my first novel, a women’s fiction story exiled to the attic never to be seen by the human eye, on a notebook. I’m tempted to write book three in the Gabriel Hunter series on a notebook since it’s been slow going. And you know what? I can buy all the notebooks I want and blame it on school supplies.




4 thoughts on “School Supplies

  1. I have exactly the same problem! LOL. Especially the journal sized ones. I use them for keeping ideas and notes for my novels. The purple ink pilot pens also call out to me. I find the pens and notebooks help motivate me to keep writing. At least that’s my excuse!

    1. I say do whatever it takes to keep writing! When I’m outlining a book or writing a character sketch I only use yellow, legal pads. I know, it’s nuts, but the yellow paper inspires me somehow!

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