Sister Trip – It’s Not Like Being on Acid

My sister and I just came back from our annual sister get-away. You haven’t met my sister yet so you may be thinking I’ve been hiding her, but I only keep her from strangers. Strangers don’t understand my family. Actually, I don’t understand my family, but that’s a post for another time.  We’ve been going away together for 8 years now. We don’t take anyone else with us. We like it that way.

We went to Woodloch Pines in Hawley, PA. At least that’s what my sweatshirt says. Woodloch Pines is like Kellerman’s from Dirty Dancing. Only I never saw Johnnie or Baby. Which may have been a good thing, except for poor Johnnie. Anyway, the place was right up my alley. There was a scavenger hunt in the morning, only we couldn’t participate in the hunt because you needed a team of 8-10 and we were minus a few. They also had their own version of Cupcake Wars which was the main reason I wanted to go on this trip, but again, you had to have a team of 8-10. Oh well, looks like next time we’ll have to hire a few extra “sisters” for our sister trip.

Here's one of our new AARP friends.
Here’s one of our new AARP friends.

After the scavenger hunt was a nature walk. They allow teams of two for that one. There was archery, paint ball, a rifle range, zip line, tennis, baseball, bike riding, paddle boats, trivial pursuit, and basket bingo, whatever that is. We didn’t take part in all those activities. You’ll never get me on a zip line. However, the Pines had a fantastic haunted hay-ride and we did partake in that. In fact, everyone in PA should have heard my sister scream when the scary ghouls (uh-um actors) jumped aboard our wagon and began yelling in her ears and grabbing her. Mind you, the hayride was her idea.

This one didn't survive the hay-ride. I hope it's not Baby.
This one didn’t survive the hay-ride. I hope it’s not Baby.

But here’s something I’ve noticed about our trips. We’re usually the youngest ones there. And I’m not so young anymore. Neither is she, but I try not to remind her. Being the youngest means we’re too young for some of the activities. Like that basket bingo. It also means we’re usually the only ones at dinner without white hair and a membership card to AARP. Though we do make friends with those of the white hair persuasion. We met two lovely couples this weekend who could’ve been Baby and Johnnie’s parents back in 1963.

During some trips we fall into the Too Old For Some Activities category like the trick or treating around Woodloch Pines. Though, it didn’t stop us from having breakfast with Santa in Cape May a few years back. Hey, everyone believes in Santa, don’t they?

So our trips might not be fast and furious anymore. We’ll let someone else light the world on fire. Drinking a hot cup of tea with the likes of Baby, Johnnie, and a beheaded scary ghoul (uh-um actor) in front of a roaring fire is all these not so old sisters need.



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