Happy Thanksgiving – Part 2

photo (22)Thanksgiving brings out the best in people. Don’t you agree? With the constant reminders of what to be thankful for we are met with the extra smile, someone holding the door just a moment longer, or a fervent wave from the neighbor that never looks up from their mailbox.

I try to pretend no one is fighting in the aisles over the popular video game or that police are stationed outside Walmart on Black Friday, just in case. Using my imagination is my gift. Don’t deny me.

And then there’s my crazy Italian family. Another successful Thanksgiving is checked off the list. Good food, good company, minus my sister who ditched us, but who’s counting that? My mother wanted know why in my last post, Happy Thanksgiving, yoga was listed ahead of our family on my gratitude list. Do you see what I mean about crazy? That list was in no particular order. But then many of my conversations with my mother go like this:

Mom – “What gum did your son want?”

Me – “It’s pink.”

Mom – “It’s tape?”

Me, louder – “It’s pink!” You get the drift?

And you’ll be glad to know my grandmother invested in some tights.

May your holidays be merry and bright and just a little crazy. I know I wouldn’t have it any other way, but definitely in that order!




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