You Can Never Have Enough Gratitude

imageIt snows more in the country than at the shore. I knew this when we moved, but it didn’t stop me. One of the perks to living in the country is the space between you and your neighbors. I desired that space. I’d even like more space because I’m anti-social in my old age. But more space means your house isn’t set on the street like at the shore and that becomes a bit of a problem when it snows.

Twice  this week we’ve had to shovel the driveway and I must remind myself to be grateful and not angry that the cold has creeped into my bones, that the snow pants are binding, that the snow is heavy in the shovel, or that my muscles ache. Instead, to pass the time, I think of all the things shoveling snow makes me grateful for. I thought I’d share my list with you and if you need a reminder to be grateful for the snow maybe I helped.

I’m grateful for shoveling snow because:

We live in a home and not in a cardboard box under a bridge.

My legs are working and I’m not confined to a chair.

My lungs are working and I’m not hooked up to a machine.

I’m still young enough to shovel.

Shoveling is now a family activity away from electronics.

I’m burning calories and I can eat that cookie without guilt.

If I’m shoveling when the sun sets, the snow glows in the warmth of the golden house lights. The neighbors’ Christmas lights twinkle against the dark sky. A soft quiet only a crisp night can bring settles in around us.

Yes, shoveling gives me plenty to be grateful for.



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