How Much Do You Shop Online?

imageHow did we live without online shopping? It made buying Christmas gifts a whole lot easier. Right from your kitchen table, (where I am now) and in your bathrobe, (which I am not. Yoga pants please.) you can purchase a hat for Aunt Sue, a tie for Uncle Bill, a plastic truck for little Bobby. And the best part? A brown box with a smiley face on it delivered to your front door and on Sundays!

Shopping may be easier, but is it personal? Sure, if you’ve given a list of specific must-haves to your family and friends what’s wrong with a click or two to achieve the same success as a trip to a crowded mall can provide? But what if you aren’t sure what to buy for someone? Can you browse as easily through the two demential screen? Not me.

When I don’t know what to get for a receiver on my list I like to walk around the well-lit stores, surrounded by Christmas music, running my fingers over fabrics, breathing in the scents of the seasons, and be dazzled by the glitter of the gifts. While I’m out I might find the perfect something for Aunt Sue simply because I saw it on display, was able to grab it, turn it around in my hands, feel its texture, and know she’d smile when she saw it too. I can’t get that from a computer screen.

Maybe it’s because I’m a visual person that browsing online stumps me. I can’t buy clothes that way either. I have to touch the material, slip into the dressing room and try the outfit on. And even though I own an ereader, am thinking of upgrading it even, I still love the feel of a book in my hand and the smell of new pages as I turn them.

Online shopping has its place and I’m grateful for its conveniences. But the personal touch of a gift bought with creativity? Well, that certainly beats a bag of coal.


6 thoughts on “How Much Do You Shop Online?

  1. A belated Merry Christmas to you and your family, Stacey. 🙂

    Hmm, my inner health care professional says you are very much the tactile learner too.

    As per your topic, online shopping has its place, especially for finding great deals or items I can no longer find in stores (i.e., the bagged vacuum I recently replaced via the company that delivers with a ‘smile,’ not to mention almost half-off the price with rewards and free shipping too). Comparison shopping is so easy and reading reviews helps me not be impulsive.

    Some things though, I’ll only buy at a store. Shoes, clothing, most things for my house.

    Hope all is well! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Joanna. Merry Christmas to your family too! Yes, I am a tactile learner as well. I’ve passed that trait onto my son. Fortunately or Unfortunately. I’m not sure which. I agree that online shopping is fantastic for comparing and reading reviews. Now, which vacuum did you buy because I just hit the click button on a new vacuum about to be delivered in a smiley box?!

      1. I replaced my Dirt Devil Featherlite. Accidentally chewed up the cord last time I used the old one, lol.

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