St. Patrick’s Day Means Nothing To Me

Italian Flag Growing up in an Italian house my perspective on life was very one sided. My Pop-Pop, my favorite person in the whole world (no offense to my other family members that I love dearly), used to sit down with me and tell me in his heavy Italian accent, (though I never heard it) everything ever invented or discovered in this world was done so by an Italian. I believed him because if Pop-Pop said it, it had to be right.

Our meals were always Italian food. Stuffed peppers, pasta with beans (said in Italian is more appetizing. I just can’t spell it.), macaroni three times a week, and at noon on Sundays. Pop-Pop would sit at the head of the table with his gallon of wine on the floor beside him. The bottle took up too much room on the table and hey, what else do you do with wine in a gallon size jug? We celebrated Italian holidays and practiced our superstitions with care.

St. Patrick’s Day was for other people. As a child, I didn’t even own green clothing. Not unless it was striped with white and red. In fact, on St. Patrick’s Day my mother would send me to school wearing orange. I hope that wasn’t the Italian salute of up yours. Perhaps, Pop-Pop bought the outfit? We didn’t eat corn beef and cabbage, (or is it corned beef? My Irish friends?)  I don’t have an Uncle Danny who frequents the bars. I do have an Uncle Vito, with other habits, but that’s a tale for another time.

With this Irish celebration around the corner, I look at those about to partake and I say, “But there won’t be any cannolis!” What’s to celebrate if Italian pastries aren’t involved? Okay, I’m just kidding. There is plenty to celebrate. I just don’t know what it is. Maybe if I had married an Irish man I would understand. But I went off and married a Jew. They’re a lot like my people. Just in disguise.

shamrock7In the vain of March 17th, I raise my glass to you all. Go forth. God Bless. Drink up. Minus the cannolis.


10 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Means Nothing To Me

  1. U funny, Stacey. Supposedly, St. Patrick immigrated from Italy. And that yummy pasta with beans is spelled PASTA E FAGIOLI. It’s definitely CORNED beef (idk exactly what that means, but it still is what it is, lol). And my favorite color is green, pretty much any shade of it.

    What can I say? Look at this Italian girl’s Irish pen name. Aislinn, Gaelic for vision or dream (like Bono of U2 fame’s daughter’s name–hey, he and I share our birthday, born the EXACT same day, on opposite sides of the Atlantic).

    Either way, enjoy your weekend.

  2. Thank you for the help with spelling!! St. Patrick immigrated from Italy? See? Pop-Pop was right. Everything to do with anything is Italian! LOL!

    My favorite color is red. How cool you and Bono share a birthday. But you’re way prettier!

  3. My brother lives in Ireland but I think he is too Sicilian to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. I used to march in the St. Patrick’s day parade in New York because I was in the high school drill team.

    1. Hi Francesca! If I may say it, good for your brother! Now, marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in NY is way cool because one: I love parades and two: I was a baton twirler in high school and marching in that parade or Macy’s Thanksgiving parade would’ve been a dream come true. Who knows? Maybe I still can! Minus the baton. There doesn’t seem to be a need for middle aged baton twirlers! LOL!

  4. Very funny! I have cannoli cream in my blood, too (on Mom’s side). Everything she says and does is “Because I’m Italian!”. They’re a proud bunch and like you, I have not a lick of Irish in me. I am left out of St. Patrick’s Day every year. And…my Mom married my Jewish dad! As you pointed out, there is very little difference.:-)

    1. I never really feel left out of St. Pat’s day. I don’t look good in green. 😉 Other than the food, Jews and Italians are pretty much the same. Well, there is the whole Jesus thing too, but who’s counting?

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