Did Someone Say Cover Reveal?

Not the high resolution image, but it works.
Not the high resolution image, (one is on its way) but you get the idea and you’ll know what to look for.

Things are heating up around here and I don’t mean the weather, though I wish I did. I’m getting ready to launch book two in the Gabriel Hunter series, Welcome to Bibliotheca. I thought you might like a sneak peek at the cover. It’s not the high resolution image, so please forgive me, but I still think you’ll like it and you’ll know what to keep your eyes open for when it’s available.

I don’t have an exact date for release yet, as there is still much work to do, but by the latter half of April all systems should be a go. In the meantime, I’ve included a small portion of Chapter One to hold you over while you wait. Enjoy!

Chapter One

            My friends and I are in big trouble. Staring down an arrow head ready to slice open a hole in your face is never a good thing.

“You crossed the border into Bibliotheca. You are under arrest.” A short, pointy eared, fur covered dude wearing a helmet low on his eyes and some kind of metal chest protector with a gold letter B in the center holds us at bow and arrow point. Jeez, already.

We were supposed to be going home. Our long, dangerous adventure should have ended.

But instead of climbing the stairs out of Kata-Tartaroo and planting our feet on familiar soil, we landed here. And this place is no picnic either from what I can tell. The wind and snow push, shove, and bite at our bare skin. Ripped up T-shirts and jeans don’t cut it in temperatures that feel forty below. A coat about now might be nice. Spruce trees line the edge of the field behind us and the smell of burning wood floats under my nose. Corinna shakes beside me either from the cold or because she’s freaked out. I don’t blame her. I am too. And Owen’s eyes – well, let’s just say he’d make a pretty good bug.

When we escaped Kata I was kind of hoping for some food. The only thing we’ve eaten for the past two days is berries.

The cold air whips around us giving me a brain freeze and making my Fornax Chip ache in my right temple. The stupid thing implanted at birth so my parents can locate me. Obviously, it doesn’t work or we wouldn’t be lost in a blizzard. I wish I could yank it out of my skull.

Finally, I find my voice. “Under arrest? You can’t arrest us. We didn’t do anything.”

“You will be imprisoned for stepping foot on the soil of Bibliotheca. Entrance into our land is forbidden by anyone other than a Yug.”

“What’s a Yug?” I say.

“Silence, criminal.”

Not helpful.

Owen turns and points to the hole in the ground. The wind blows the door hatch shut and the snow covers it like a blanket. “I’m sorry, Mr. Yug, sir. We came through that door back there. We weren’t trying to commit any crimes. I promise.” Owen’s voice sputters like a cold car engine trying to start. Owen teeters beside me and yanks on his shirt. He stopped doing that back in Kata when he faced down the bully Blimey. Looks like old habits don’t shake.

“We made a wrong turn. We’ll just get out of your way.” Owen shuffles back the way we came.

“Stop.” Fur Ball lunges forward with the arrow, but doesn’t release it from the bow, and Owen jumps back just getting out of the way of having a new nose piercing. “Intruders go nowhere. Anyone crossing into Bibliotheca is subject to punishment and death.”

Punishment and death? Shorty over here has his fur out of whack. I bite down on my lip not to laugh. The three of us escaped from the scariest place imaginable. I think we can take one fur brained Yug with an arrow. I’m not dying. Not today.


6 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Cover Reveal?

  1. I like the progression of the detail, Stacey. And the different colored eyes. Launching a book certainly is a process. You go girl.

      1. I love the story tied into the cover. Have a feeling mine upcoming reveal might tell too much of the story, but it is the perfect match 🙂

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