Do You Know How Dirty That Is?

wash handsI’m a germaphobe.  A full-fledged, straight on germaphobe. In fact, if there were a local chapter of Germaphobes Anonymous, I’d be the president. I know how to use a public restroom, wash my hands, and never touch a single object with my hands. I’ve been asked how I keep my house so clean. It’s called OCD. In defense of my craziness, I don’t “make” you take your shoes off in my house, but if you see the right side of my face twitching, you’ll know why. The only things I don’t sceeve are my children.

Noodge 1 (the boy) started playing Rec Soccer this spring. Frankly, I was thrilled he wanted to do something different because he hasn’t played soccer since the first grade, swearing it off forever because his coach at the time thought he was training for the World Cup. He even told one mom her son wasn’t cut out for team sports. At six! But I digress.

Fast forward: Noodge 1 is in the eighth grade now and has taken a liking to playing goalie. I’m fine with that until I discovered the goalies have to share the goalie shirt. Totally gross. They do wear it over their team shirt, but the shirt still has to go over their heads and rest against their bare arms. Hasn’t anyone heard of lice or Mersa? I’m more than happy purchasing a separate shirt. Really,  I wouldn’t be offended in any way to spend the extra money so my kid and another kid don’t have to share dead skin cells.

And it’s no just the shirt. They share the goalie gloves too. When I saw this it was all I could do not to run on the field with the Clorox Wipes. Apparently, I can purchase gloves and when I’m done here I’ll be ordering a pair. Or six in case he loses them.

I can’t help how I am. Well, maybe I can, but I won’t. I mean, who wants to touch anything dirty? Honestly, I’ve learned to accept that character trait of mine. No one’s perfect. But you can have a perfectly clean toilet. Just saying.


On a separate note, Welcome To Bibliotheca is now available for Kindle. The paperback version will be along shortly. We were having a problem with the cover. I’ll keep you posted.


9 thoughts on “Do You Know How Dirty That Is?

  1. My mom told us she would freak out when we would share water bottles during basketball/softball games in high school. I can’t imagine what you would do if you saw that!

    1. Well, Jenn, after I washed their mouths out with hydrogen peroxide…just kidding! They know not to do that in front me and NEVER drink from the water fountain!

  2. Girlfriend, handling money or driving has to make you crazy. I’m in a public school daily. Whatever doesn’t kill you or make you sick has to make you stronger, lol.

    I am a bit of a fanatic with hand washing while dealing with raw meat or chicken. I cringe when hubby is doing the handling. Nuff said.

  3. Omg id have to fight you to be president of the germaphobe club. I, too, am a bit OCD. Well, some others would say a lot OCD. I like things to be clean and orderly and IN CONTROL. But I’m not controlling. Lol. Yeah I got problems too. Just had to share that with ya sista. I know what you mean and how you feel. And I am who I am and don’t think I can change that. Funny how I gravitate towards people who are the same.

    1. Hi Karen. Thank you for the nomination. I appreciate the fact you think enough of my blog to include me in your list of nominees. I agree with your description of a chain letter, but I guess if we’re spreading sunshine how bad can it be?

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