If You Could Have A Super Power, What Would It Be?

clorox bottleWe all know dirt, germs and I are a bad threesome. We’re like the mean girls on the playground. You can read about my germ phobias when your done cleaning your toilets. Until then, pull up a chair and a cup of tea. You know I have one next to me.

I’ve decided cleaning should be a super power and movies should be made about them. Has anyone seen a 13 year-old’s bathroom? You’re not getting that clean without a little magic up your sleeve.

Who cares about super heroes like Wolverine. (He is a super hero, right? Heck, it’s Hugh Jackman. Say no more.) Or what about Superman? All he could do is fly. Big deal. My weapon bleach and I can fly circles around that guy. I believe Bat Man has no super powers what so ever. They make movies about him and bats are gross. Just saying.

Yes, cleaning should be a super power. I could wear white, leather pants (I’ve always wanted to own leather pants) and a white cape could flap in the wind behind me while I stand on a snow capped mountain, one hand on my hip the other on my spray bottle. I could defend the world from the likes of Dirt, Grime, Grease, and I Don’t Want To Know What Disgusting Thing That Is. We could still blow stuff up in our movies, have car chases, and flying monkeys. The insects could invade our land. They can even talk. Really, is a cleaning super hero all that far fetched? I think not.

So, I ask you, faithful reader, if you could have a super power what would it be?


6 thoughts on “If You Could Have A Super Power, What Would It Be?

  1. It sounds like you just described “Mr. Clean” (only without the bald head)!

    As for me, I have spent enough years doing the “Mr. Clean” thing. If I had a superpower, I would like to have my very own “Beam me up, Scotty” cylinder. How great it would be if I had the power to transport myself anywhere in the world in just a matter of seconds!!
    Just think all the time and money one could save on traveling. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve lost what little patience I had for the inconvenience it takes to get somewhere. With my own BMUS, I could enjoy arriving at my destination without any of the hassle.
    You could call me “LADY BMUS” (and I wouldn’t even need a cape!)

  2. Mr. Clean could be a super hero! They could make movies about how he sweeps through they city dumps fighting rats with nothing more than trigger spray! We could give him a cute side-kick. One with too much hair.

    Okay, Lady BMUS, time to start inventing.

  3. I love the BMUS idea. The cleaning part is easy enough. I want a superhero to ORGANIZE my house and keep it that way, lol, esp the basement. I also need someone to help me let go of stuff I don’t need.

    1. I also have the super power to throw things away that aren’t tied down. (I inherited that power from my mother.) Which, sometimes proves to be a problem because I’ve thrown away an important thing or two. As long as I don’t throw my kids away, I figure my super power isn’t half bad.

      1. I’m no hoarder, but I never get tired of things that I love or have sentimental value.

        My friend brought up a great superpower: she would clone herself in order to have more of her to do all she needs to get done as a single parent of two girls and f/t breadwinner. That one would work for me.

        You’re making me think here! I’d also have one for my brain, to focus it, especially with all the writing and speaking related things I’d like to actually execute, lol.

        Be well!

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