Home Improvements – A Marriage Test

See. Still hanging.
See. Still hanging.

Husband and I recently purchased a large picture to hang in our living room. Well, we purchased it easily four months ago and it leaned against the bookcases until recently when we attempted to hang it.  Does that kind of thing happen to you? Home projects that take months to complete? That’s what I thought. Us too. Home improvements are a real test to the marriage.

Do you know the first thing you must do when hanging a heavy object in the wall? That’s right. Locate the beams behind the sheetrock. Explain to me why builders don’t mark where they put the beams? I know you’re going to cover the walls in paint, but couldn’t there be some kind of glowing box that operates with a light switch or something? Anyway, beams should be 16 inches apart. Easy enough to find. Or so you think.
Husband had a very modern way of locating the beams. Bang the wall with his fist. When I banged on the wall I couldn’t tell the difference, but maybe he had special guy picture hanging powers. After nearly 20 years of marriage I knew better than to suggest this wasn’t a good idea.
He attempted to put the first hook in. Guess what? No beam. He did this eight times, yes you read that right – eight, before retreating to the garage and retrieving the stud finder. (And no, that is not a device to locate good looking young men in their twenties.)
A stud finder is a handy little electronic device designed to locate the beams behind the wall. Frankly, I like my idea of a glowing light operated by the light switch better. Have you ever tried to use a stud finder?
But we couldn’t stop until the project was done and the eight holes covered by the picture. Otherwise, we’d have to get wall putty and fill in the holes and repaint. Why press our luck? With a little prayer and the stud finder we located the beams and pounded six picture hangers into the wall.  Yes, six.
The good news? The picture is still hanging and we’re still married. I guess we passed the test.

2 thoughts on “Home Improvements – A Marriage Test

  1. Love it! Hubby always gets nervous when I get the hammer, but not the stud finder. Heck, who looks behind the picture? And most of the time, I’ll “nail it” on the second or third try.

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