Are You A Sports Fanatic?

This is one of my favorite photos of Noodge 2 and her dad at Yankee Stadium.
This is one of my favorite photos of Noodge 2 and her dad at Yankee Stadium.

I was recently approached by (you can check out their website by clicking on the link. They’re a leading retailer of anything sports related…you can find everything from signed memorabilia to MLB hats) to be a part of their “Family Fanatics” campaign and write about a time my family shared a bonding moment at a sporting event. I’m all for family bonding. I’m Italian.

This exercise got me thinking. Yes, I know. That’s when trouble starts. Which event would I pick? The time we all went to a Phillies baseball game? Or the years of sitting at Noodge 1’s Little League games while Hubby coached or Noodge 2’s basketball games. Hubby coached those too. Each of those events allowed us to spend time together and bond. Well, if you ask Noodge 2 she’s going to say sitting at Little League games bonded nothing except her teeth to a churro. Just saying.

Something that does bond our family is the shared enjoyment of the New York Yankees. Like many young boys growing up in New Jersey, Hubby has always loved the Yankees. He can recite stats to you and knows everything about their history. Let’s face it, whether you like the Yankees or not, you have to admit their history is the most amazing. In our house, their is no choice. You must like the Yankees. (If I didn’t know he was Jewish with that attitude I’d swear he was one of my paisans.)  He’s such a fan we’re naming our new puppy Munson after the legendary catcher and team captain Thurman Munson. (See, I know some history now too.)

Allow me to introduce to you - Munson Wilk
Allow me to introduce to you – Munson

But here’s what’s great. We’ve been going to Yankee games together for years. First, when it was just the two of us (I love “Old Timers Day”) then, years later, when the kids were big enough they started going. Hubby takes them, one at a time, to a game every year and I think that’s awesome. Each Noodge gets to spend an entire day with Dad at Yankee stadium. Those are going to be times they will look back on and remember. They will think of baseball and summer and the Yankees with a warm glow well into their golden years. They will tell stories to their grandchildren about the days their Dad took them to watch Derrick Jeter hit one out of the park. You can’t put a price on stuff like that.

I’m not left out either. If there’s a game still available, Hubby takes me and I get to go on a date with my husband. Can’t think of a better way to spend the day then with my best friend, eating hot dogs, and watching baseball.

So, my faithful reader, do you have any family bonding moments at sporting events? I’d love to hear about it. Play ball!







3 thoughts on “Are You A Sports Fanatic?

  1. I am so behind! Guess there is something to be said about structure and routine and getting things done in a more timely manner! (I’m currently adjusting to my semi-structured July, when I work for pay a little less, but somehow wind up busier :p).

    For us, bonding seems to come on SuperBowl Sunday. Kids usually invite some friends. I make pizza, brownies, put out snacks, etc. when the Giants are playing, it’s especially fun.

    Lately, I’m getting kids out on the tennis court–even that ornery Younger Son, who can actually hit! (I used to drag them there when they were little.) Older Son took me for the best of three sets last Sunday night. And recently, Older Son stopped by the court with his buddy, hubby showed and we wound up playing doubles. There’ve been a few occasions too, where the kids happen by the court while hubby and I are there. I always have extra racquets and balls. The kids grab, take the next court if it’s available and we are creating memories there. Love it!

    Great post! BTW, I remember the DAY Thurman Munson died, and hearing it on the news. (He was one of my brother’s favorite players.) Your hubby looks a little like him, and Munson’s namesake is TOO cute!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I love that you’re making memories on the tennis court. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play. Awesome cardio workout.

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