A Note To My Daughter

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Recently, Noodge 2 made her Bat Mitzvah. Her parents are encouraged to write a little speech to her and deliver it that day. Since I have a blog post to my son I must include one for my daughter. I can’t be accused of playing favorites. Once again, faithful reader, I ask you indulge me. I am eternally grateful.

The doctors told us Noodge 2 was going to be a boy. I spent most of my pregnancy planning a life with two boys in it, but when a girl arrived my plans turned on their heads. What was life going to be like with a little girl? Would I worry more about her? Will she need to be protected from the bad things that happen in the world more so than her brother? What if someone picks on her? Will she be able to stand up for herself? Are big brothers supposed to chaperone their little sister’s dates? Yes, it’s a double standard, but I’m an Italian mother, worrying is what we do. Only, I don’t have to worry extra about her.

I knew by the time she was six months old she had the determination to do anything she put her mind to. I can’t share the story of how I knew this, she’d kill me, so you’ll have to trust me. I also knew determination would take her far and possibly make motherhood a bit of a challenge, but I wouldn’t want her any other way.

The Noodge isn’t afraid to speak her mind, which I love about her, so I don’t have to worry about her sticking up for herself. She’s smart enough to know the difference between right and wrong so I don’t have to send in any extra protection from the scary things that go on in the world because I know she’ll make the right choices when faced with tough decisions.

Unfortunately, for her, I still think older brothers should chaperone their little sisters dates. Sorry, Italian mother. No one’s perfect.

Noodge worked very hard to stand before you today and become a Bat Mitzvah. And like when she was an infant I watched, throughout this journey, in awe of her resolve to learn Hebrew and all that was asked of her to accomplish this important goal.  This is the same quality that drives her to do well in school and to follow her dreams of being a professional singer. The Noodge will accomplish whatever goals she wants to because she has the gifts to take her there.

She is kind and caring. She stands up for what’s right, and she’s fiercely independent. Also a quality that can make motherhood a challenge, but she makes me proud of her and every day I see her and say, “that’s my girl.”

I’m so thankful those doctors were wrong. I can’t imagine my life without her. I love you, Noodge. Every minute of every day. Now and forever.



2 thoughts on “A Note To My Daughter

  1. Very nice, Italian Mother. (It’s a flippin’ that catches up with all of us, or so I seem to be learning.)

    I’m expecting a heads-up when Noodge 2 lands her spot on American Idol. It will be the only season I will watch. 😉👍

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