The Real World Or Reality TV?

A real world room.
A real world room.

Just about every day I spend a little time on Facebook. I enjoy keeping up with my friends from all my walks of life. I mean, where else can you talk to people from high school who wouldn’t give you the time of day thirty years ago? But seriously, I do like seeing accomplishments, babies being born, weddings, job promotions, and vacations. From the bottom of my heart, I want everyone to be happy, healthy, and at peace with themselves.

But let me ask you something….would anyone really post how disappointed they are in their children? Or the rejection letter to a college? A bad hair day? Social media is not the real world. We live in the real world with bad hair days, circles under our eyes, disappointments, and children who work on our last nerve. And don’t pretend you don’t have moments where you need the time out. Because you do. We all do. We’re human. We’re not actors on a reality series. Or are we? Maybe that’s what social media is for all of us. Our own version of reality television highlighting only the high points in our lives.

Sure, some people post about an illness or the lost of a love one, but I haven’t seen anyone post this, “I’m so mad at my kid right now I’ve packed up everything they own and threw it on the front lawn.” Or “my kid didn’t work hard enough in high school, he didn’t try hard enough, he got bad grades, didn’t join any groups, bombed the SATs, never made a school team and every college he applied to rejected him. Now he lives in a cardboard box under a bridge. I’m so proud of him.”

Social media puts a lot of pressure on us to be our best, look our best, raise the best kids, and on and on. It’s kind of like high school all over again. I don’t know about you, but high school once was enough for me. I don’t need the extra pressure. I’ve got enough pressure just trying to fit in a workout.

Because in my world, nothing is perfect no matter how hard I try. I can never stay on top of the laundry, some days I have to choose between a shower and writing. You don’t want to see a picture of me on that day or a picture of Noodge 2’s room on any given day. You don’t want a to hear a video of me yelling about the dishes in the sink or the mess that accumulates at the bottom of the steps. That’s not the way to keep friends.

Maybe it’s better our less than perfect sides stay off social media. It might be too much of downer to see pictures of divorce papers signed or traffic tickets. No one needs to know about our failures as parents. There’s something to be said about our reality tv lives.

I think I’ll make a cup of tea, grab a cannoli and change the channel.

Coming in April:

Book Three in the Gabriel Hunter Series
Book Three in the Gabriel Hunter Series

10 thoughts on “The Real World Or Reality TV?

    1. Hi Stacey. It’s aunt LORRAINE. I love your take on the perfect life, it’s so true. How about the bumper sticker about the honor roll kid! Good luck on all your writing . I’m proud of you.

      1. Aunt Lorraine!!!! Aaahh!!!! Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. And I hear you about the bumper stickers. You better come by and visit. And not just the blog.

  1. Love this, Stacey! I can’t help but roll my eyes at all the “Look at the great thing my perfect kid did today” FB posts. It’s a good day for me when my kids have clean underwear…the’re lucky I don’t post THAT on FB. LOL! And is that a picture of a room in YOUR house? Not possible!! Thanks for always brightening my day, friend!

    1. Thanks, Robiin. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Your kids have clean underwear? That by itself is impressive. Yes, that is a picture of a room in my house. Even I, the OCD clean freak, have moments when the world is too much and the cleaning can’t get done.

  2. I like Facebook too, but I keep it upbeat. Occasionally, I’ll let on that I’m frustrated or annoyed but keep the details to me–except for venting about the drivers who don’t respect stop signs. Fights, political stuff–not this writer girl. I ain’t posting and I ain’t engaging neither. Just sayin.

    1. I agree about not engaging in the politics fight, but sometimes I really want to comment. I just don’t. It’s safer that way, for everyone. And though I like Facebook, there are plenty of posts I scratch my head over.

      1. Ain’t it so, Stacey. IDK what some people are thinking. I’ve been known to hide some questionable posts on my page too. Don’t want someone else’s choice be a reflection of me I don’t particularly like. Trust me, there are PLENTY of things political that I bite my own tongue/fingers on too.

  3. One thing I will say, it’s better to know where people stand and their true feelings. That allows me to decide who I want to hang around with. If everyone keeps their mouths shut, then I don’t know what i’m walking into.

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