Are You Sipping The Chocolate River?

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Well, like everywhere on the east coast it is the start of another school year. So many of us are jumping up and down and shouting, “YEAH!!!” My kids are going to learn all kinds of great stuff, make ever-lasting friendships, and love their parents unconditionally. Okay, I admit it, there are chocolate rivers where I live.

But seriously, the school year is upon us and I love the structure the school day gives our lives. My kids get on the bus at an ungodly hour, and in the winter in the pitch darkness, and I now have 7 hours to write, which really means I have 7 hours to write, market my writing, take care of the house, the dog, and exercise because I constantly slurp from the chocolate river.

Today was the first day of school for Noodge 2. She’s in the 8th grade and Noodge 1 started his sophomore year last week. I’m a big kid mom, which means, I’ve been to the first day of school rodeo several times. And I think it’s showing.

Two years in a row I forgot to take someone’s picture on the first day. Probably because they no longer begin on the same day and once the first one goes, well, it ends up being tough luck for the second one. I’ve stopped buying brand new clothes for the first day of school unless I’m pestered which would only be by Noodge 2 since she’s a she. But why bother wearing new fall clothes when the first week of school could be a hundred degrees and you’re going to need to wear the same things you’ve been wearing all summer? Why not wait a few weeks, the crowds will die down and the fall clothes will be on sale. You won’t need a sleeve until October. See? Big Kid Mom tricks. Ten years ago I was a very different mommy.

But I always drive my kids to the bus stop because we live too far away from it to walk and if they did even want to walk, which God forbid, they do not, they’d have to leave at least 10 minutes sooner to get there on time and we all know what 10 less minutes means in the morning. Even in the land of chocolate rivers.

For the high schooler, I drive down, drop him off and turn around to go home. Easy-peasy-one-two-threesie. And remember, school started last week. High school is old hat by now. But the middle school started today. Oh boy, what a difference at this bus stop and there has been a bus restructuring so now we have some elementary school kids on the bus. Big Kid Mommy wasn’t expecting what she found at the bus stop. Oh no.

Tons of kids, in the street, lined up to take photos and all the young mommies outside their cars, chatting, cameras at the ready. There was even a daddy and a mommy team. Really? It’s just the first day of school. There are 179 more opportunities to come to the bus stop.

Unfortunately, for me, it’s a been there, done that, kind of thing. I’m an old mommy. I want the bus to come so I can get back to work. And don’t get me wrong, I love my kids to death. I enjoyed having them around all summer, but it’s school and it’s time to get back to business.

So, when we turned onto the street and there was a parade of people at the bus stop, I stopped the car half-way down the street, turned to my daughter, told her how much I loved her, to have a fantastic day, but I wasn’t going to attempt to drive my vehicle through that crowd to jockey for a space on the street and I wasn’t going to get out of my car and take pictures of her. She would rather die than allow me to do that. School pictures are only allowed in the house and I can only share them with my mother.

And guess what? I forgot to snap a picture of her this morning,after all. Well, that’s what tomorrow is for or the next day. In twenty years, who will even remember what day it was I took that picture? Not me, I’ll be sipping from the chocolate river.


4 thoughts on “Are You Sipping The Chocolate River?

  1. Love it! Younger Son started junior year–I managed to coerce a photo that captured “the look” teens give moms wielding cell phone camera so. Oh, “he” wanted new clothes and shoes as well–as if the stores will close for the season if items are not purchased before Day One.

    Older Son started his mobile tech school today. So weird having only one at the HS.

    Does your chocolate river flow up in my area?

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