Live Your Bliss

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Recently, I was in the post office and the postal worker behind the counter confided in me that his job had him emotionally, spiritually, and physically drained. How sad for him that he feels so badly about his situation he shared it with a total stranger. I saw the weight of his statement all over his face, in the hunch of his shoulders, and the tortoise like speed of his shuffle as he retrieved my package.

A friend of mine revealed her husband’s job was stealing his soul. I wanted to scream, don’t let that happen!

At a recent school visit, a teacher told me she always wanted to write a book, but she’s waiting for retirement to do it. She’s making a mistake.

Life is far too short for us to be spending our days hating the place we have to be. You can’t wait until you retire to finally enjoy life. You may not make it to retirement. What was all the suffering for then? And for those who do make it to retirement, I promise you won’t look back on your life and be glad for all the hours you spent wanting a different job.

I am a firm believer in doing what you love. And of course, I understand the need to make money to pay bills, keep the roof over your head, enjoy the occasional vacation. I’m not suggesting you quit your day job without a plan, but if you hate your job enough to say it steals your soul then it’s time to make a change.

Why just get by? Why not live your bliss? Imagine for a moment you could be anything in the world. What would that look like? I know what it looks like for me and I’m working on getting there.

I read a fantastic book, The Diamond Cutter, by Michael Roach. Roach, the first Westerner in 600 years to pass the test for the title of Geshe, Master of Buddhism, says the way to a better job is help someone else get theirs. It’s actually the way to everything we want. Help someone else get it first.

By helping others we put positive energy out to the Universe and positive energy comes back to us.  By helping others we aren’t so focused on our own pains.

I challenge you. Tell me what your dream job looks like. Dream big. Namaste 





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