Driving In Cars With Boys

classic car
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Okay, it should really be, driving in a car with a boy. My boy. Noodge 1. Noodge is taking an SAT prep class this summer. After much research the Coffee King and I decided on one about thirty minutes from our house. Just about everything is thirty minutes from my house. After five years of living in the country, I’m starting to get used to it.

Anyway, today we were getting on the highway and traffic was backed up on the on ramp. Traffic is bad at rush hour in NJ, but this was really bad and sure enough there was a tractor trailer on fire and we were being rerouted.

Thank God for technology and my kid. He navigated the Waze app and I navigated the roads. They were long, windy, and bumpy. Wherever we were driving was way more country than I was used to. No worries, I can handle this.

Until we came to a downed wire. Some crazy people were driving under it. I turned around and went back the way we came not sure how to get back to the highway or to the school with the SAT class. But, technology served us again and with a little guidance from my co-driver, we took more windy, curvy, bumpy, and frighteningly small bridge roads.

Then there was a police officer blocking our way. We’d been in the car for close to if not over an hour by now. I was starting to get the feeling the Universe didn’t want us to get to the class. Far be it for me to argue with the Universe.

So we headed for home. And when I was finally back to an area I recognized I was behind a very large construction truck doing 25 in a 50. My patience had worn thin. I wasn’t handling things so well any longer. We know I’m not a patient person, (number one flaw besides being judgmental) and I hate driving in cars for too long. I expressed my feelings about the slow driving truck out loud. (Big mouth, third character flaw.)

Noodge 1 said, “You sound angry.”

The child is spot on. Scary really.

Me, “I hate driving in cars and we’ve been in the car for an hour and a half.”

Him, “But you got to spend time with me.”

Shut up. Feel badly. Mommy guilt. How could I be so stupid and when am I going to learn to shut my mouth? (Considering my age, probably never sadly.)

He was so right and I hadn’t thought of it that way. Don’t get me wrong, I love being with him and try to tell him that every chance I get. Plus, he’s the kid that lets me hug him unannounced and I take full advantage of that.

But I shouldn’t have become angry at the truck driver even if he was driving like a putz. I should’ve taken a big deep breath and thanked the Universe for saving us from some horrible event and for getting a full hour and a half with my kid. Uninterrupted. No video games. No earbuds.

I quickly apologized for my misstep and thanked him for being my navigator. He’s also the kid that doesn’t hold a grudge, so I was forgiven in a quarter of a mile. But lesson learned. Be grateful for what you have and never mind the rest. It wasn’t wasted time getting a tour of the hills of New Jersey it was quality time with Noodge who will be going off to college in two years and driving around with others instead.

Don’t resent cooking dinner. It means we can afford to eat. Don’t hate doing laundry. It means we have clothes to wear and I don’t have to go to a laundromat to do them. Don’t hate running the vacuum because I have the strength to do it. Don’t worry that your bathroom isn’t updated. At least we’re not peeing outside. Don’t worry that I’m not a best selling author. I have the privilege of spending my days writing and the health that allows me to sit at a desk and type. You get me?

So, how about you? What are you grateful for? What do you toss aside as a nuisance that you can turn into a blessing? I love to hear from you. You, my faithful reader, I am grateful for too. For without you, how would I spend my time besides driving in cars with boys.


7 thoughts on “Driving In Cars With Boys

  1. Very good reminder, Stacey! That kid of yours is pretty insightful. 🙂 I am grateful for my awesome friends that take pity on me when my family is away and go to dinner with me. LOL!

  2. What a wonderful memory you and Noodge 1 have for sharing in the future. The best moments, IMHO, are those that didn’t turn out as expected–or totally spur of the moment.

    Younger Son is still recovering from a second set of leg/foot surgeries. He was still stuck home and bored stiff. On a Monday night before school ended, we just got in the car and drove to Sandy Hook b/c he likes to take rides. (He also knows there’s a DQ on the way back, lol.)

    He tends to be more talkative when we’re in the car alone, and more receptive to suggestions moms tend to make. And this is only one of many memories we’ve cultivated, on many rides with our kids. (So far, he’s up to 10 back and forth from Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC, and still counting. 🙂 ).

    Be well and enjoy–it goes F.A.S.T.

  3. First of all, let me wish Younger Son a speedy recovery! He’s young to have multiple surgeries. I’m sure the hanging around is a drag for him. (Do kids say drag? LOL!) I agree with you about the best moments. When we plan and put expectations on an event or moment we are often disappointed.

    My daughter has been playing that Pokemon Ball game. The other day when we were driving home she said we passed a Jiggly Puff which is a harder one to get apparently. I turned around, drove up and down the street for her then I parked so she could get out and walk around until she got it. When I said I’d turn around she couldn’t believe it. Her excitement was worth every second and now she will always remember that.

    Enjoy your rides to Sandy Hook and your bonding moments! Have a DQ Blizzard for me!

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