Just Say “Thank You.”

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Have you ever given a gift and not received a thank you note? Yeah, me too. Often. You know what stinks about that? You can’t tell anyone to write you a thank you note and you can’t ask for your gift back. Nah, I don’t really want the gift back. I didn’t give the gift for the thank you note. But it’s a nice gesture.

Here’s the other thing about a thank you note. It tells me you at least saw the gift. If you’ve invited me to a gift giving occasion with a large crowd and I leave a gift on a table or with the host, not necessarily the guest of honor, I don’t even know if the recipient received it or realized the gift was from me. I feel funny asking if they got the gift. A thank you answers my question. Did I mention it’s a nice thing to do?

The old fashion hand written note is the nicest. Did you know the first known exchanges of greetings on paper originated in China and Egypt? But I’ll take a text message. Well, I’ll take a text message if it’s a birthday present from a friend. If we’re talking a bigger event, then call me old fashioned.

I did receive a thank you nine months after the affair. Better late than never, right? Guess it depends on how you look at it. My gift wasn’t nine months late. I know they have to have time to write the thank yous. A bride and groom aren’t going to come back from their honeymoon and write out a hundred thank you notes in a week. Though, I did receive a thank you in a week. The event was much smaller than a wedding, but I was still very impressed.

What should go into a thank you note? Well, Southern Living says, personalize it, show your personality, but don’t ramble, (no one likes a rambler) and most importantly don’t exaggerate. In other words, if you really hated the clock with the bird that pops out every hour don’t write how you can’t wait to hang it up in the foyer. Just say thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Be sure to leave out anything that remotely sounds like this, “What the heck were you thinking giving me jumper cables? I lost my license six stinking months ago.” Absolutely not appropriate thank you note language.

Don’t be a stuffed shirt either when you write those thank yous. Have some fun with it. Southern Living says jokes are okay as long as you’re not making fun of the gift. When Aunt Edna gives you nose clippers just say thank you.

Do you write thank you notes? Have you ever been stiffed a thank you? I love to hear from you.



2 thoughts on “Just Say “Thank You.”

  1. “Thank You’s?” are you kidding me. I’ve been stiffed more times than not! My theory is the reason people don’t send thank you’s is out of pure laziness. To do so, one must actually pick up a pen, write something down on paper, address an envelope and put a stamp on it. This is way too much work when they can just simply send a text, an e-mail, or facebook their thank you. And many don’t even do that much.
    Unfortunately, people are losing the art of communication and I think it’s starting with Thank you notes. I guess we should be glad that Hallmark has never invented a “You’re Welcome” card!

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