The Bridge Home – Cover Reveal

Hello my faithful readers! I’m very excited to present the cover for the second book in my women’s fiction series with The Wild Rose Press due out fall of 2018.


Harley Kenyon has guarded a secret for eighteen years. Telling would only hurt her son, and Harley would do anything to protect Knox. Colton Savage—the wild, impetuous rock star—is back in town to clean up a few of his messes. She could never resist his charms. His promises prove empty, and more than once, he’s left her for his seductive music career. But when the high school orchestra needs Colton’s skills, he promises to stick around. He’s not the man he was before and vows to spend his life proving it. Does she dare to believe him? Being with Colton means telling her secret.

Will Harley finally reveal what she knows and risk losing her second chance at happiness, or will she keep her secret and send away the only man she ever loved?


The first book in the series – The Second Chance House – arrives in March. Stay tuned for the exact date, book launch party invitations, and a sneak peek at Grace and Blaise.


4 thoughts on “The Bridge Home – Cover Reveal

  1. You put a covered bridge in the promotional art for any story, and you are playing to every romantic impulse I have! (And I mean any story: Even Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow prominently features a covered bridge!) I am so excited for all you have ahead of you this year, Stacey, with the release of these two books! I hope you’ll provide some essays here on the blog about the process of writing them when the time comes…

    1. Thank you for the very kind words. You like covered bridges? Your likability factor just went up. Ha ha. The bridge plays an important role in the book. My cover artist captured the bridge I had in my head. I’m super excited about the release of these books.

      I will write about the process of writing these books. Thanks for the suggestion!

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