The heart of all my books, regardless of genre, is the message: Family are the people who love you when you need them whether you’re born to that family or find them along the way.

A Second Chance House


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Coming March 7, 2018  to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and all online retailers

Grace Starr plans. She likes order, organization, and the smell of bleach. When her ex-husband evicts her from her predictable life, she’s faced with the hit-you-between-the-eyes realization she’s been a bystander in her own life. Then a letter arrives. An anonymous donor gifts her a worn-out house in a small town.

She’ll have to put up with the neighbor. Blaise Savage is an incorrigible, nearly washed-up drummer in a rock band. His unbridled personality challenges everything she holds dear. He’s sexy, and that wicked wink probably had half the female population in his bed. For Grace, his lifestyle is out of control.

Is the woman who never takes a risk willing to risk it all – and possibly fall in love?



Welcome To Kata-Tartaroo  FOF007_Wilkes_KataTartaroo_F_HR_bleeds

A thirteen year-old Lesser boy has twenty-four hours to collect three mystical objects or he and his Moor friends will be lost forever.

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Excitement, intrigue and video games…      

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How did I get here? Such a simple question with no simple answer. I was captivated as the answers knit together around the characters. I absolutely loved the refreshing perspective of the book along with the way the author introduces you to the world she’s created. Not spoon fed and over-explained, you use your imagination and intuition to put the pieces together. My one regret? Reading it so far in advance of book 2’s much anticipated March 2014 release date! Looking forward to picking up where Kata-Tartaroo left off and finding out what’s in store for Gabriel Hunter and his unlikely new best friends. A must read, young adult novel.

Welcome to Bibliotheca Book Two in the Gabriel Hunter Series  


In this fast-paced follow-up to Welcome to Kata-Tartaroo, Gabriel, Owen, and Corinna are forced into another terrifying world where they ’re taken captive by the Yugs, and forced to fight the Wolf by navigating a magical labyrinth filled with dangerous puzzles. Gabriel, Owen, and Corinna must rely on each other to save themselves and save the Yugs. Along the way, secrets will be revealed, friendships will be renewed, and Gabriel will learn leaders come in all shapes and sizes. It’s a race against time to see if Gabriel and his friends will solve the puzzles and destroy the Wolf or be left in Bibliotheca forever.

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Welcome To Skull Mountain  Book Three in the Gabriel Hunter Series

Book Three in the Gabriel Hunter Series
Book Three in the Gabriel Hunter Series

Thirteen year-old Gabriel Hunter will stop at nothing to help his brother Jason make the dangerous climb to the top of Skull Mountain and get the Great Juice – the Elixir of Life. But he’s not the only one who wants it. There are others like the Red Eye Soul Eaters who kill at each new moon and the next one is only days away. Corinna Fornax desperately wants to believe her father has changed from bad to good, but what are his real reasons for attempting the treacherous climb? Whose choices will be blinded by faith?

The third book in the Gabriel Hunter series tests the meaning of friendship, family and faith. Will Gabriel, Owen and Corinna be able to stick together to complete this final adventure or will they be lost to each other forever?

Welcome To Skull Mountain is available from these sellers:



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