What if?

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

What if your life was on autopilot? You were raising your children, going to work, watching the days fly past you? Life hadn’t turned out exactly as you hoped, but it could be worse.

A note arrives. An anonymous gift of a house needing fixing is waiting for you. Would you take it? Why or why not?


Losing My Job

I used to think I’m sentimental, but maybe I’m not. Tell me what  you think.

I don’t save much and by that I mean just about anything not nailed down. I’ve mentioned before I grew up in a museum which means if it didn’t look good on display or I couldn’t hide it from my mother then it got tossed.

I pretty much do the same thing. I never kept my children’s baby teeth. That grossed me out so I flushed them after the tooth fairy left the proper change under the pillow. I kept school art work for awhile, but after one box I grew tired and worried about storage space so I nixed that idea. I mean, are my kids really going to want every picture they drew at 5 when they’re my age?  I doubt it. I do have all the report cards, but the school went completely paperless. Do I print out the report cards now? Okay, okay, I did.

Husband has many antiques around that have been in his family for generations. I gave up trying to sell them but those that don’t merit display are tucked away and covered with a sheet.

I don’t have old boyfriend’s jewelry. I don’t keep all the cards I’ve ever received. I toss every Christmas card we get with the first of the New Year. Sorry. I do hang them up around the family room from the day after Thanksgiving until January 1 though.

What does this say about me as I look around my house? I have pictures of my children when their smiles were missing their front teeth, photos of my wedding day, now so long ago. I keep the rocker Husband made me as a birthday present. Tucked in my jewelry draw are all the necklaces and bracelets Daughter made me along with a poem written by Son when he was in the 6th grade. Propped on my desk keeping me company while I write are a collage photo box Son made me and duct tape flowers from Daughter as a Mother’s Day present.

Maybe I’m more sentimental than I thought. Looks like I’ll have to resign from the museum.