Favorite Things

Favorite Beach - Aruba
Favorite Beach – Aruba

I miss Oprah’s show were she gave away all those cool things at Christmas. How awesome would it have been to win some of that stuff? Of course, the flip side was you had to pay the taxes on all that stuff, (probably before you walked out of the studio, not that I know this), and taxes are gigantic mood killer. Just saying.

Recently,  I was at a book signing event, Enrichment Through Literature, with five other authors and we were each asked to speak about our favorite books. Basically, the ones that made a difference or shaped our writing lives in some way. I included Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White in my list. Charlotte’s Web was my introduction to talking animals that were main characters. Talk about cool stuff!

I read that book for the first time in the fourth grade. I loved it so much I carried it around everywhere with me. That was right around the time my parents split up. It must’ve been my comfort blanket. One day, the book went missing. I searched in every corner, closet, under the sofa, and couldn’t find it. None of the adults still living in my house, (Italian family equals grandparents live with you) knew where it was. I never found that copy. I often thought little elves came into my room at night, that explained the mess my mother yelled about, and  ran off with it. Or maybe it was talking spiders.

The blog was nominated for the Sunshine Award. sunshine-award1-e13921416365171I’m not entirely sure what the Sunshine Award is, but anything with the word Sunshine in the title can’t be all bad. Plus, I think it’s an attempt to get others to find your blog out there in the gigantic blog world and I can use all the help I can get. And not just with the blog. Ba da ump bump.

In order to accept this nomination, I must link back to the person who nominated me. A big thank you to Karen Lynne Klink. (I guess she finds the rantings of an Italian writing mom pleasant. Thank God!) Nominate other bloggers, which I’ll do below and list 10 things about myself. I promise to try and make things interesting.

1. Book Two, Welcome to Bibliotheca, in the Gabriel Hunter series is now available. Yeah!

2. There’s a book launch party at Cocco’s Café, 52 Main Street, Flemington, NJ on Friday, May 16th, 6:30pm.

3. I’m always cold, which is why Summer is my favorite season.

4. I drink green tea all day. (To stay warm.) Tea is my favorite drink, hot or cold.

5. My favorite jeans are from White House Black Market.

6. I have two ear piercings in my left earlobe. My left earlobe is my favorite.

7. My favorite picture of me is the one taken with a rock and roll band.

8. My favorite color is red.

9. I can drive a stick. Which isn’t my favorite thing to do, but driving a stick makes me cool for a girl.

10. My favorite place to be, besides a warm climate, is home.

There. How’s that? So, faithful reader, what are some of your favorite things?


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I only nominated five because that’s all I read.



Sunday Afternoon – Not in the Park

I was at the Flemington Jewish Community Center waiting to give a workshop on developing character. No one showed. No one except Husband and my friend. (She had to unlock the FJCC to let me in, so she was kind of wrangled into it, but I appreciate her just the same.) I’ve read and heard the stories a thousand times about an author who sat through a book signing and no one came except the homeless lady who wanted out of the cold and the chocolate. It’s funny, really. Well, funny for me, maybe not the author whose only visit was the homeless.

I thought I’d be totally bummed. But I’m not. So what no one came. My name ended up in the paper. Very cool. I was listed on MSN.com. Super cool. My mother has started a scrapbook for me. It can’t get much better than that.

And yet it does. Daughter goes to school and peddles my book! (She takes after her father the salesman.) My friends repost my links about my events. Love them for that. They “like” my posts and cheer me on. I’ve even sold a couple of books. Not too shabby.

Sunday afternoon was a total success. Can’t wait to do it again.


Ode to Lisa Scottoline

I’m reading one of Lisa Scottoline‘s books My Nest Isn’t Empty, It Just Has More Closet Space. I love Lisa. I’ve seen her speak several times at workshops and book signings. She’s warm, generous and funny. If you haven’t read any of her books, shame on you. Stop reading this blog right now and go order one. Any one. They are all wonderful. I know I’ve read them.

I’m knee deep in My Nest which is a compilation of her articles she writes for the Philadelphia Enquirer and in one chapter she talks about her book club parties. She holds a contest every year for book clubs who read her books. Everyone who enters the contest gets to come to her house for a party and meet Lisa. It’s cool and crazy at the same time. There’s one book club grand prize winner. That winning book club receives a private dinner with Lisa. In my opinion, everyone who enters is a winner.

Seven hundred women, some men too, were scheduled to come to her house! Can you image having 700 people over for lunch? Not me. I sweat cooking for my family. But like I said, Lisa is generous so it didn’t faze her. Well, maybe a little. She prayed for rain. And got two nor’easters!

I was at that very party and reading about it brought back some great memories. Three of my book group friends and I donned our winter gear (it was October, but freezing), rain boots and hit the road. A little rain wasn’t going to stop us. We’d had this date on the calendar for months and the husbands had the kids. No brainer, really. We drove through the downpour, parked on hay, walked in mud, and wished for hot beverages. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

But Lisa was fantastic. A hug for everyone, a giant smile, and as expected she made us laugh. She taught me something that day. Friendships grow when rained on just like flowers do and I’m tougher than I knew. If a nor’easter doesn’t scare me, nothing should. Right?