We’re Live!

That’s Dave packing the dance floor!

About a month ago I mentioned my good friend Dave Nase asked me to blog for his company NJs Best DJs. (I also edited most of the content on his new and fantastic website.)

I’m happy to report the blog is now live! I have three posts already up and would love for my faithful readers to stop by and say hi. I love to see familiar faces out in public. I’m not just writing about DJing. There’s plenty of advice on event planning too so if you or someone you know is in the midst of planning a party you might find a nugget of good information. Dave will also be doing great giveaways. And you know I’ll be poking fun a long the way. It should be a good time. Hope to see you there!






Last Minute Plans

This is me and Kiki after the Bat Mitzvah. We have the same taste in clothes and often pick similar outfits and then show up at the same place wearing them. It's weird, but we like it.
This is me and Kiki after the Bat Mitzvah. We have the same taste in clothes and often pick similar outfits and then show up at the same place wearing them. It’s weird, but we like it. Our dresses for the party, though both black, were different. I think.


Have you ever planned a party? I’m talking a good size one with at least fifty people in a location other than your house? It’s okay if you haven’t and honestly way saner. Only crazy people plan those kinds of parties. Even crazier people used to pay me to plan parties. Yup, I was a party planner in the pre-Noodge days.

We recently held a party to celebrate Noodge 2 becoming a Bat Mitzvah. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah (Bar for boys Bat for girls) but after watching how much work the Noodges each put into preparing for their own day they deserved a party. Trust me. A Confirmation has got nothing on a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. No offense.

The day before the Bat Mitzvah was a day filled with last-minute plans. I had to attempt to clean the house because our families would be over that afternoon and the next day I expected twenty-five of our closest friends to hang out between the Bat Mitzvah service and the party. I might not have had time to rearrange my cabinets, but you know I had to wipe down the toilets.

After cleaning, I dropped Noodge 2 at the synagogue for her final run through only to find out we made mistakes in assigning Jewish family members prayers to read. The rabbi asked me who I wanted to take out and leave in. Me!!! To which I replied, “I have to call the Coffee King.” Like I know who can read what and when. My job involves balloons, favors, DJs, the photographer, and coordinating Noodge’s theme throughout. Jewish stuff goes to him.

A very well-meaning woman who worked in the synagogue office asked me for the names of the people who would lift the Torah, dress the Torah and say some blessings over bread and wine. Only she asked me using the Hebrew words. My reply? “You have to speak to me in English.” It’s not a secret I’m not Jewish.

This well-meaning woman strongly suggested I label everything in the synagogue kitchen for the Friday night Oneg and the Saturday Kiddush. Those are the meals after the services we had to host. This lovely lady actually handed me a sheet of labels she had made that read, “Wilk Friday” and “Wilk Saturday.” She wanted me to leave directions for the kitchen staff as well. My thoughts were, doesn’t the staff know what do do? This wasn’t the first Bat Mitzvah ever. There is only one Bar or Bat Mitzvah happening at a time. You don’t share your day. Whose soda was it going to be besides ours? I suppose she was trying to be helpful.

But all I wanted to do was put my tablecloths out because I had to pick Noodge 1 at school, stop at the seamstress to retrieve Noodge 2’s dress for the party and wash the car. The dumb car was covered in so much salt we were going to make our dressy clothes dirty getting in and out. I had to wash it. It ended up snowing Saturday morning so there went the wash, but who knew?

Right before I left the synagogue Friday afternoon, tables now covered, kitchen appropriately labeled, another well-meaning woman looked at me and said, “You look tired.”

WHAT????!!!!!  I had pictures in three hours.

Now I was determined to muster up the energy to finish my last minute plans and actually catch my breath before we had to change into those dressy clothes and go back to the synagogue. I wouldn’t have puffy, sunken eyes for the pictures. Oh, how I miss my twenty-five year old skin. The skin I have now doesn’t bounce back the same way, in fact it doesn’t bounce at all. It just hangs. And apparently gives away how tired I am. Stinker.

Back at the house, I declared fifteen minutes of rest to my family then slapped on extra repair eye cream and more eye shadow than Mary Kay.

I hoped I didn’t look like a ragged mess in those pictures. I kept hearing in my head, “you look tired.” Noodge 2 was beautiful, of course. Noodge 1 was handsome in his suit. A nice change from the zip-up hoodie. I always love the Coffee King in a suit. My sister Kiki and her clan, all looking spiffy, arrived for pictures and to be a part of this special event. The Coffee King’s family was there too. All my last-minute planning made a wonderful memory for my girl. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Tired eyes and all.



Busy, Busy, Busy

Professorhinkle frosty the snowmanDo you remember the animated 1969 Christmas show, Frosty The Snowman? I love that one. Professor Hinkle was the magician who chased Frosty for his magical hat. In the end, Santa Claus shows up and tells Professor Hinkle he’s on the naughty list and he better get his act together before Christmas Eve otherwise the mean magician is getting coal. Professor Hinkle, in his relief to still please Santa lists all the things he needs to do in time. Then follows up with, “busy, busy, busy” before he runs off.

That’s the kind of week I’m having.

Noodge 2 is making her Bat Mitzvah. Bat Mitzvah means “Daughter to the commandments,” and it signifies that a Jewish, young lady has reached the age of religious majority. A Bat Mitzvah is entitled to all the rights and privileges of religious adulthood and of course, to all its obligations and responsibilities.  In other words, it’s a big deal for her and especially for her Italian Catholic mother. I have a party to plan.

This is the week of last minute details. I’ve made my lists and checked them twice. I’m off and running with my goals in sight. And when we arrive at our final moment, hugging good-bye to our guests, thanking them for sharing in her special day, I’ll need a nap. For a month.

In the mean time, I wish you all health, joy and happy reading. Preferably, one of my books. Wink, wink.

See you next week.

Get ready. It's coming in April 2015.
Get ready. It’s coming in April 2015.