Sign Up For My Newsletter Or Facebook Group

Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Recently, I posted about phasing out the blog. My website will remain right here with information about my books, places I’ll be signing, and ways to reach me.

I don’t want our friendships to completely end. If you’re interested in keeping touch please follow my newsletter. I’ll try to send it out once a month. I have a lot going on between now and the end of the year. I don’t want you to miss out on the chance to win prizes, get inside info, and simply hang.

If something else in your inbox makes you want to scrunch up your face and scream, you can always join my private Facebook group for my readers – Stacey’s Novel Family. We’re having some fun over there. That’s the place for my launch parties, ways to earn swag, and who knows what else!

I hope to see you soon.

All the best,