I can tailor any presentation to your group or classroom needs. If you have a specific request that you don’t see listed, ask me. (

Spent the day with RMS 6th and 7th graders. We talked World Building and Editing. Tons of fun.
Spent the day with RMS 6th and 7th graders. We talked World Building and Editing. Tons of fun.

Workshop examples I offer:

Active Voice: An explanation of the difference between active and passive voice. How to identify active voice in your writing and you will be given prompts to create a piece filled with action. Group participation encouraged.

Never Forget to Edit: A hands on interactive workshop where students create a story together and then edit it in a group environment. This workshop is ideal for younger writers.

Creating Conflict: All stories are conflict driven. This workshop is designed to keep your readers turning pages by putting conflict in your stories and make your writing jump off the page. Writing prompt and group participation encouraged.

World Building: As a writer of fantasy novels, I love making up new worlds. This workshop is designed to teach writers how to create an imaginative, full-blown setting for their characters to run around in.

Character Development: A workshop designed to teach all the elements needed to construct a three-dimensional character that pops off the page.

Voice: A workshop designed to help you find your writer’s voice. Can be used to help middle school students understand tone used in essay writing.

The Writing Process: Just how does an author spend her time? A detailed workshop on how I go about writing my books.

How To Write A Novel: This workshop is tailored to fit the need of the students. Can be done in one session or over three. Topics included: Plot, Character, Conflict, POV, Setting, Structure

The Pros & Cons of Self-Publishing This is self-explanatory, I think.

You Finished Your Novel, Now What? What does a writer do next? I’ll tell you the what’s and the how’s.

Here’s what a few teachers, students, and group leaders are saying:

I couldn’t thank you enough for the time and commitment you annually make to our Authors’ Day. The students always walk away with new ideas for writing, and on top of that, they enjoy your teaching style. It says a lot about you that you connect with the students in such a short time.” Robert Klinger, Ocean Township Intermediate School, 6th Grade Language Arts teacher

“It has been an absolute pleasure of ours to host Stacey Wilk here at the Warren County Library. Her books, Welcome to Kata Tartaroo and Welcome to Bibliotheca, were loved by our audiences, and her corresponding programs and scavenger hunts have been a delight to us as well as our patrons. She is a fantastic author, entertainer, and patron, and her visits to the Library are always anticipated and enjoyed.” Lorraine Bloom, Senior Library Assistant, Warren County Library, Northeast Branch

photo (10)i

Stacey Wilk visited Girl Scout Troop 1095 in the winter of 2013. She did a ‘writing workshop’ with the girls and educated them on free writing. We were discussing gun control in the wake of the Newtown shootings and her style and approach with the girls helped them to put their feelings and thoughts onto paper and ultimately design a letter to a news reporter. Stacey is a creative, charismatic, engaging, interesting and professional speaker and writer. Her visit was well received and the girls gained a valuable experience in writing.” Lee G. Warner, Leader, Troop 1095


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